Inquiry is a powerful methodology that engages students in pursuing personal, active, and authentic learning in depth. For example, inquiry is embedded in language arts as inquiry-based learning, in mathematics as problem solving in the context of data analysis, in science as scientific inquiry and the design process, and in social studies as social studies skills. As they engage in inquiry, students develop questions to guide their learning, research sources of information, synthesize new ideas, and share evidence of their understanding, all while reflecting on their learning. Furthermore, inquiry processes enable
students to learn how to learn, and to become self-directed learners.

A chart may be viewed at the URL below, Section 2, Figure 3, showing how the inquiry processes, as described in several Manitoba curricula, are congruent with one another and with the Big Ideas outlined in the Cognitive and Affective Domains of the Developmental Continuum for Literacy with ICT.

Literacy with ICT Across the Curriculum. Section 2: Supporting Principles.

Manitoba Education Resources to Support Inquiry

Literacy with ICT. Professional Learning for Teachers: Inquiry.
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Resources for Inquiry

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